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Our Journey

​Our mission is to provide great motorcycle tours for Adventure Riders at a reasonable price and enable you to have a fantastic experience exploring new places. We also want you to become a better, safer, and more confident rider.

We will never run a tour that we have not personally planned, ridden, re-ridden, and know intimately. We pride ourselves on knowing every tour we run intimately. We will always have an M8 staff member on tour with you to make sure that everything in our power is done to make your time with us as memorable as it can be.

We started running tours during 2009 in Australia, primarily around NSW, and the Outback. We often found that the information and skill needed to ride safely in this harsh land was sometimes not as good as it could have been, with a few riders not being able to complete the tour. We found that most riders prepared their bikes very well but often failed to prepare themselves. We introduced on-tour training in 2015.

From 2019 to 2022 David, our Founder, moved house, Riding his motorcycle from Sydney NSW, to the UK via as many dirt roads as he could find. With a lul on operations during the Covid Pandemic, and international borders closed for a long time, we re-started our operation from our new base in the UK with the same goal, provide great tours, at a reasonable price and help make you a better rider at the end of the tour,


We still run big tours in Australia, but have now also added Pakistan and the UK to our destinations. Pakistan is an absolute stand-out destination and we want more riders to experience this great country. Riding in Pakistan you get so much closer to the mountains than you can get in countries like India, the locals are super friendly, and the riding, you really could not ask for more, it has everything we love in an Adventure Ride. If you have never ridden Pakistan, you are missing one of the truly great riding destinations. a real hidden gem that very few from the West visit. We want to change that.

We do things a little differently

We make sure every single one of the destinations and routes is meticulously planned, which means we ride them and re-ride them ourselves. We will never take you somewhere we have not personally been, love, and know ourselves.

You cannot just click on the website and book, we like to keep things a little more personal when you are interested in a tour, we like to have a chat, find out what you want, and what you don't want, we try to make the tour the best it can be for you. On every tour, there will always be a member of the M8 MOTO family to guide you, train or coach you (if you want it), and sort out any little issues that may occur. We will do everything we can to make sure your ride goes as smoothly as possible.

In some places we go, it will be just you and us on our bikes, at some destinations we will have a backup support vehicle for both safety and convenience purposes. When we go to Pakistan we always have a 4x4 support vehicle and a mechanic. 

Want something a little different from what is planned while on tour, not a problem, have a chat as a group and tell us what you want to change, we are happy to adjust en-route if we can.

Not interested in a tour and want to go it alone, no problem get in touch we can provide hire bikes in Pakistan, and advise on the best routes, the best places to eat, and local places of interest to visit.

If we go to a destination you like but don't have a tour to meet your needs, no problem, we can put together a custom itinerary for you and your mates. Just don't ask us to do this for a destination we have never been to.

On a final note: We named ourselves M8 MOTO for a reason, it is because we are passionate about not just organising great tours, but making new mates along the way.

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