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Ride the Himalayan foothills before exploring the spectacular Kalash and Lasht valleys of the Hindu Kush & hike to Nanga Parbat Basecamp

This tour is for you if you want to experience spectacular scenery, unique cultures, challenging roads, and explore places that very few people visit.

This tour takes you from Skardu in the North East to the Khyber region in the North West, and explores some very unique valleys, including the Swat, Kalash, Lasht, and Naltar Valleys as we travel along the very edge of the Wakhan Corridor.
17 Day ADV Tour
Tour Dates
More Dates on Request

Min 6 Riders


Reserve with a 10% deposit


Aerial View of Curved Road



When you land at Skardu Airport, we will be waiting for you, we will transport you and your luggage to the hotel where your bike will be waiting for you full of fuel. After your flight, it's time to get settled, chill out a little, or jump on your bike and take it for a spin around Skardu to get used to your bike. In the evening we will have a welcome feast to allow everyone to get to know each other, and the local team, we will go through a few logistics and answer any questions you may have.

The first few days we take it easy, allowing you time to get used to the altitude and the local road rules. Then it's time to head West and ride through some of the best dirt roads you can imagine, Roads that snake along the bottom of valleys following the course of the river. Roads that cling halfway up a cliff face with no barrier between you and the water below. Roads that have never been sealed and are maintained by the locals.

Pakistan is a country where Islam is the national religion with 97% of the population following this belief system, This tour takes you through the strongholds of the remaining 3%.

On this tour, we visit the Kalasha people who are indigenous to the Chitral region of western Pakistan and are considered to be the most unique with an Animism-based belief system.

We also visit the Whaki people who speak Khik zik and are an Iranian Ethnic group.

Forget what you think or have read about Pakistan, this is a country where everyone who visits comes away with a profound shift in their perception of the country.



Day 01 - Arrive Skardu

A warm welcome awaits as we pick you up from Skardu airport and transfer you to the hotel where your bikes will be waiting full of fuel. Take them for a spin around town to get to know your new steed.

In the evening we will have a welcome Feast at a local restaurant, provide information on logistics, and answer any final questions you may have.

Day 02 - Deosai Plains National Park

We cross the second highest plains in the world at an average altitude of 4110m, with luck you may spot a Bear, Himalayan Wolf, Snow Leopard, Marmot, or Yak.

Road: 80/20 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 03 - Fairy Meadows

We ride to Raikot Bridge and take a jeep up the Fairy Meadows Road (2nd most dangerous road in the world)

Road: 50/50 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 04 - Nanga Parbat (The Killer Mountain)

Trek the 16 km to Nanga Parbat Base Camp or a shorter stroke to one of the villages alongside the Raikot Glacier, watch a Polo Match or just chill

Road: No Roads, only walking/horse tracks.

Day 05 - Besham

We follow the mighty Indus River to Besham, the road is a good sealed road as we make our way towards the Swat valley

Road: 80/20 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 06 - Shangla Pass

We leave the Indus River and head towards the Swat River via the spectacular Shangla Pass.

Road: 80/20 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 07 - Swat Valley

We explore the Northern Swat Valley and visit Mahondand Lake, returning to Kalam.

Road: 80/20 Dirt/Broken Asphalt

Day 08 - Thal

An early start today as we ride the stunning Badgoi pass to Thal and then explore the Kumrat Valley, hopefully, we will have time to get to the jungle at the end before returning to Thal for the night.

Road: 80/20 Dirt/Broken Asphalt

Day 09 - Kalash Valley

Today we head to the Kalash Valley for a few days via the Lowari Tunnel..

Road: 50/50 Dirt/Broken Asphalt, mainly good Asphalt until Kalash Valley Rd

Day 10 - Excursion in Kalash Valley

Excursion to explore the 3 valleys of Kalash

Road: 100/0 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 11 - Booni

Today we climb to a higher altitude following the Kunar river as we hear to Booni and its lush altitude meadows

Road: 30/70 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 12 - Excursion in Booni

Explore the high meadows of Booni and its surroundings. If we are allowed, explore the valley towards Muligram, this is close to the border with Afghanistan, often not allowed, but we can try.

Road: 30/70 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 13 - Lasht & Mastuj

Explore the valley to Lasht, we will head as far as we can as this valley gets very close to Afghanistan and the Wagah Corridor.

Road: 90/10 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 14 - The Rood of the World

Today we cross “The Roof of the World'', the stunning Shandur Pass with its high-altitude meadows and the world's highest Polo Ground.

Road: 100/0 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 15 - Gilgit

We continue East and towards lower altitudes, we explore the Tasin Valley before heading on to the capital of Baltistan, Gilgit.

Road: 30/70 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 16 - Naltar Valley & Gilgit

We ride back to Gilgit and explore the Naltar Valley with its high-altitude Blue Lakes and stop along the way at Rakiposhi viewpoint for lunch,

Road: 0/100 Dirt/Asphalt

Day 17 - Skardu

We ride back to Skardu, have a goodbye feast in the evening, and reminisce on all the things we have seen and done..

Road: 10/900 Broken Asphalt/Asphalt

What's Included
4x4 Support vehicle to carry your luggage
Detailed Itinerary
Hotel Accommodation
Local Tour Guide
Motorcycle Hire
National Park entry fees
Pakistan VIsa Letter & Support
Skardu airport transfers
What's Not
Entrance fees other than mentioned above
Travel Insurance
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