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Get Trained whilst riding the three highest mountain ranges on earth with our all-inclusive tour and train package

If you are into Adventure riding or want to get into it and become a better rider, all whilst exploring the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, and Karakoram mountains.

One-on-one training and coaching throughout the tour while you explore remote valleys that see very few travelers, cross unique landscapes found nowhere else on Earth, and make new friends along the way.

We guarantee you will be a better, safer, and more confident rider by the end of this tour.
13 Day ADV Tour
~2,000 km
Tour Dates
More Dates on Request


Reserve with a 10% deposit


New Rider Suitable
Aerial View of Curved Road



When you land at Skardu Airport, we will be waiting for you, we will transport you and your luggage to the hotel where your bike will be waiting for you full of fuel. After your flight, it's time to get settled, jump on your bike and we have an afternoon of evaluation and so we can understand the skills you need to concentrate on. In the evening we will have a welcome feast to allow everyone to get to know each other, and the local team, we will go through a few logistics and answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Our tour instructor rides with you throughout the tour and provides individual coaching, as we progress through each day, we work on your skills, starting from easy roads at the start of the tour, to the more challenging environments later on.

The first few days of riding will take you, through multiple landscapes, including the beautiful Hushe Valley with views of K1 (Masherbrun), Sarfaranga, the world's highest cold deserts, and Deosai Plains National Park, the second-highest plateau in the world before heading to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat (The Killer Mountain).

Later we explore the beautiful Hunza Valley, Khunjerab (translates to Blood Creek, or Blood Valley), the highest international border crossing in the world, Shimshal, Hopper, and our favourite the Chapursan Valley.



Day 1

Our team will meet you at the Airport and transfer you to our Hotel where you can get acquainted with the bikes you will be calling home for the next couple of weeks. After arriving at Skardu we have a half-day training before a sumptuous welcome dinner and a good night's sleep. Dinner and overnight stay in Skardu

Day 2

The first day is a nice easy day to ease you into the trip, the roads are good, and there is generally very little traffic, We set off from Skardu and head East following the mighty Indus River you will get great views of Sarfaranga, the world's highest Cold Desert on the far side of the river. Dinner and overnight stay in Khaplu.

Day 3

Today we explore the Hushe Valley to its very end where we hit the dirt for the first time, we have lunch in sight of the 7821m Mountain K1 (Masherbrun) and discuss the ride in, we return in the shadow of the Granite Haldi Cones with Dinner and overnight stay back in Khaplu.

Day 4

Today we head to the Sarfaranga Cold Desert for some training and practice riding sand, we visit the oldest Mosque in Northern Pakistan and the old Shigar Fort before we return to Skardu via the Katpana Desert. Sand for many is a scary surface to ride on, in reality, when you have the skills, it's one of the most fun surfaces you can have, it's your decision if you want to learn to ride sand or not. Dinner and overnight stay in Skardu.

Day 5

Today we enter and cross the Deosai Nation Park, it is the second-highest plateau in the world averaging 4114m, also known as Little Mongolia. Keep an eye out and you may spot a  Himalayan Brown Bear, Siberian Ibex, Himalayan Wolf, or even a Snow Leopard if you are lucky.  This is our longest day offroad so far, in places it is a little more technical, but don't worry, we have your back to give you the skills you need to make this a fun place to ride. Dinner and overnight stay in Astore.

Day 6

Today we travel the second most deadly road in the world (according to the WHO) to Fairy Meadows, we are not allowed to ride this, so we take a jeep. For the last 5km, we walk or ride on horses. Fairy Meadows is a spectacular high-altitude grassland valley next to the Raikot Glacier with views of 8126m Nanga Parbat, the Killer Mountain. Dinner and overnight stay in Fairy Meadows.

Day 7

Today is a free day, take the 17km round trip walk to Nanga Parbat basecamp which has been described as one of the most spectacular in the world, with Raikot Glacier on your left and Nanga Parbat in front of you.  Or just take a short stroll to one of the many viewpoints of Nanga Barbat. There may even be a polo match on to watch, it's up to you Dinner and overnight stay in Fairy Meadows.

Day 8

We ride to the Hunza Valley today along the glorious Karakorum Highway (KKH), described as one of the most exotic places in Pakistan, The KKH is a great place to practice observation, positioning, and cornering on a good smooth surface, but with a few unexpected elements to keep you on your toes. When we get to Hunza Valley, you will find that it is surrounded by a multitude of high peaks over 7000m with some wonderful views, plus a great coffee shop. Dinner and overnight stay in Hunza Valley.

Day 9

Shimshal,  the road has been described as a man-made ledge with drops of hundreds of feet to a raging torrent of water below, with no barriers and mostly a single car width wide, this is Adventure riding at its purest. By now you will be ready for this, but we ride with you the whole way as well. Dinner and overnight stay in Passu

Day 10

Today we ride one of our favorite valleys, Chapursan, one of the less traveled, least unexplored, and beautiful valleys in Northern Pakistan, less than 15km from the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. Chapursan is full of hidden treasures, glaciers, and villages, getting to the last village is truly offroad. Dinner and overnight stay in Passu

Day 11

A nice easy day riding the KKH to the highest border crossing in the world, this border with China is at 4693m altitude, and it may snow at any time of the year here, The road is motorcyclists a dream, full of great sweeping bends, tight curves, and switchbacks, smooth and sealed. Dinner and overnight stay in Passsu.

Day 12

We head down the sealed Karakoram Highway South to Gilgit, the capital of the Baltistan region with its bazaar if you want to pick some souvenirs to take home. Dinner and overnight stay in Gilgit

Day 13

The final day of riding is back to Skardu along a great valley road, depending on our pace, we may have time to explore an additional valley along the way. At night we will have a final celebratory feast. The following day we will drop you at the airport in plenty of time for your flight back to Islamabad. Dinner and overnight stay in Skardu

What's Included
4x4 Support vehicle to carry your luggage
Hotel Accommodation
Local Tour Guide
Mechanic with full toolkit
Motorcycle Hire
National Park entry fees
Pakistan VIsa Letter & Support
Skardu airport transfers
Training and/or Coaching
Welcome Dinner and farewell celebration feast
What's Not
Entrance fees other than mentioned above
Travel Insurance
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