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Offroad Adventure Bike Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors

This tour is for you if you want to explore offroad on your Adventure Bike and at the same time get some coaching in a real-world environment.

This ride through the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks is aimed at, and suitable for bigger Adventure Bikes such as BMW GS's and the like.

This ride is suitable for anyone, including novices to adventure bike riding, those wanting to get a taste of off-road riding, or those who are planning a big round-the-world trip. This ride is also suitable for the more experienced riders as well who just want to get out there in the company of others and maybe make some new riding M8's along the way.
Richmond (N Yorks)
Richmond (N Yorks)
2 Day ADV Weekender
~350 miles
Tour Dates
Dates on Request

Min 2 Riders


Reserve with a 10% deposit


Big ADV Bike Suitable
Aerial View of Curved Road



Over the 2 days, rider coaching is included for those wanting to improve their off-road riding skills.

During the weekend, you experience a wide range of surfaces and riding conditions, giving you a real-world experience of likely scenarios.

We start in the Yorkshire Dales where the trails are generally gravel and rocky. Our route includes loose rocks, dirt, water crossings, ascents/descents, and negotiating loose surface corners.

On day 2, we spend most of the time on the North York Moors where the surfaces are more oriented to dirt and mud, depending upon how much rain there has been. We have a few more ascents/descents, rock, and water, we also ride England's longest green lane, Rudland Rigg.

This ride provides a great way to experience a lot of different road surfaces and get some tuition on how to tackle different situations and conditions you are likely to come across in your Adventure Riding.

Included is 2 nights accommodation on both the Friday and Saturday nights, leave your luggage at the Hotel so you can ride light.

Training/Coaching is provided throughout the day and is designed to provide real-world practical training and coaching should you be wanting to head off around the world.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 riders.

Due to the nature of this ride, pillions are not recommended.



Friday Evening

We will meet to have dinner together, or more correctly, and because you are in Yorkshire now, we will meet to have Tea together (Dinner is Lunch up here). 

This evening is your opportunity to ask any last-minute questions and get a briefing for the coming 2 days, do's don'ts, etc.


After Breakfast, we head off into the Yorkshire Dales National Park which offers a great mixture of fantastic sealed roads and a wide range of off-road options. At the start of each off-road section, we will stop, and provide a brief of this particular section, what to expect, how best to tackle it, and options to avoid if you want to skip any particular section. We will always re-group at the end of each offroad section to debrief before heading on to the next.


Today we head into the North York Moors National Park with a similar agenda to Saturdays. Here in the North York Moors, the generally rocky surfaces of the Dales give way to a more dirt-oriented terrain,  and possibly mud if it has been raining recently.

We finish mid/late Sunday afternoon to give you time to travel back home in time for tea (not dinner, remember, thats eaten in the middle of the day at what most people call lunch time :-) ).

What's Included
2 Nights Accommodation
GPX files for your chosen navigation device
Rider Leader
Training and/or Coaching
What's Not
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